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Zebra Roller blinds are a perfect choice with alternative twin stripes look. The blinds provide warmth and elegant style to any room. The blinds reflect an elegant design in line with light control efficacy and style. The key benefit of the Zebra roller blinds is their ease of use and low maintenance. Zebra Blinds manufacturer in Mumbai supplies quality blinds to suit different needs of people. Choose the perfect zebra blind to fit the existing room décor elements.

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Blinds India is one of the leading and largest Zebra Blinds manufacturers. Blinds India started Zebra Blinds Wholesale business in 1984. We operate from Mumbai and supply high-quality blinds integrated with the latest motorised technology. Blinds from Zebra Blinds Supplier looks excellent, easy to maintain, good-looking, and available at a reasonable price.

We are a leading Zebra Blinds manufacturer of high-quality zebra blinds reachable in a range of luxury to casual blinds products at a reasonable cost. We also provide custom-made blinds depending on the preferred requirements of the customers. They can install zebra blinds that fit your needs at the workplace and home.

The Zebra blinds are a perfect blend of style and function. The two layers of the fabric provide utmost flexibility between privacy and light control. The blind’s unique material suits many types of home décor and provides privacy where required. The Zebra roller blinds will be a perfect choice for people who look for low maintenance blinds combined with elegance, style, and privacy.

How Zebra Blinds dealer in Mumbai supply quality blinds

Zebra blinds are two-layer fabric with alternative horizontal stripes of opaque and transparent material. When you raise or lower the blinds, the bars move along with each other, which transforms the room’s lighting, and you can operate the light flux from good illumination to darkness. Zebra Blinds enable you to effortlessly modify the radiant flux from the windows. The blinds also let you make a darker or a lighter blind or in a night mode.

Key benefits of installing zebra window blinds

● Filters daylight
● Minimises UV rays
● Reduces computer screen glare
● It offers a modern chic look.

The functional design of Zebra Roller Blinds

The zebra roller blind involves two equal distance opaque and translucent stripes aligned. The blinds offer absolute illumination of light with absolutely unclear, smooth fabric and soothing colours that perfectly blend protection and shading.

Closed and Open effect

Zebra shades white is an innovative product that comes with striped fabric. The material across the double layer creates the closed and open effect. The operation of the side chain makes a secure impact, so the view is restricted. The open weave creates a light effect. When you want to lift the shade, operate the sidewinder like a regular roller shade to retract it into the window top. The roller shade is neatly presented in a cassette and produces a fashionable blind product.

The Zebra blinds are highly efficient in protecting your space from dust, dirt, sound, and other UV rays. It also offers an excellent appearance to the room and enhances its look. The Zebra Blinds dealer provides the best products that are durable, efficient, good-looking, flexible, and user-friendly. we have wide collection of zebra blinds for window

Suitable For Office, Residence and Commercial space
Size Customised
Type Custom-made, Opaque, Translucent
Available system Manual, Remote, Switch, Automation


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