Wooden Window Blinds Manufacturers & Suppliers from Mumbai

Give your space a classic look with solid wood blinds. A perfect wooden blind can uplift your room appearance, making it look definitive amid all the modern amenities. Wooden blinds are a stylish and innovative alternative to curtains with a conventional touch.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are otherwise called as Venetian blinds. It gives a classic look to your windows and grace them with eternal elegance. These blinds come many shades and hence can match with any finish and environment. It's versatile nature and easy-to-use features can control the light flow, ventilation, and privacy.

Wooden blinds manufacturers provide blinds that are incredibly effective in traditional and neural decoration. The texture and natural shades of the wooden blinds will seamlessly enhance the appearance of the room. Wooden blinds supplier provide blinds in multiple patterns and designs that will grab the attention at first sight and give comfort to the residence. When compared to others, the wood blinds possess good durability and quality.

Why should you purchase blinds from a wooden blinds supplier in Mumbai?

● Wooden blinds come in multiple slat’s width 25mm, 35mm, to 50mm
● We provide top-quality wooden blinds which control frequent wear and tear while making an impressive style statement in any space of your office or home.
● We supply wood blinds that are made of laminated basswood, polish basswood, MDF wood with simple and S shape.
● We manufacture wooden blinds in attractive colours that withstand for a longer duration.

How are wooden blinds for windows designed?

Wooden blinds can be the most elegant décor element in your room. Besides its aesthetic look, it can help to withstand climate changes and upkeep durability throughout the year.

Wooden blinds for balcony are made from numerous horizontal slats and are combined using a corded pulley. It then provides the flexibility to gather all the wooden slats up to reveal the view or angle the slats to control the amount of light flowing in the room. A wooden roller blind is a superior blend of beauty and style for maximizing the light flow into your room when open and provides good privacy when pulled down. The wooden blinds protect the house furniture and computer from harsh sunlight during summer. It also allows minimal sunlight during the winter. Due to their versatile nature, these blinds are suitable for both commercial and residential use.

Superior quality from wooden blinds manufacturers in Mumbai

Whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, or shelf-lined home office, the wooden blinds can strengthen the wood shades. The wooden blinds panels are usually broader than the aluminum panes, providing better protection to exclude direct visibility of designs and patterns. These blinds are accessible with motorization function and provide you an excellent sensation of nature blend in your workplace or residence. Superior basswood quality is used to make Venetian wooden blinds. At Blinds India, we supply numerous finishes based on the wood type and range of paint used.

Assurance of durability

When you are looking for premium quality products from wooden blinds dealer in Mumbai at a reasonable price, Blinds India products can be your solution. Natural and durable materials are used to manufacture wooden blinds. Therefore, continuous lifting and pulling down will not harm the fine finish of these treatments. The fantastic design and elegance of the basswood can make the wooden blinds a perfect solution when you wish to bring the classiness of the outdoors into your space. Our range of products come with Ladder tape and a web system. Wooden blinds dealer in Mumbai can provide superior blinds with quality construction, aesthetic warmth, and room beauty.

Suitable For Office, Residence, and Balcony
Width of the wooden slat 25mm, 35mm, to 50mm
Material Polish Basswood, Laminated Basswood,& MDF Wood
Available system Manual, Remote, Switch, Automatio


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