Silhouette Blind Manufacturers & Suppliers from Mumbai

Give your windows a refreshing look with our timeless silhouette blinds collection. Beautiful and trendy window blinds enhance your space with a lasting impression. We provide an exquisite range of blinds with many patterns, colours, styles, and textures.

Silhouette window coverings to transform your space

At Blinds India, we supply high-quality blinds to offer utmost privacy and exceptional insulation. Explore our broad range of silhouette blinds that fit all your style, function, and budget. As a silhouette blind manufacturer, we always deliver our assurance of quality and style. Make your space stand out with an exquisite range of silhouette blinds. It spread the elegance and warmth in the room.
Silhouette blinds combine the sheer fabrics along with the blend of convenience and elegance. Thus, blinds from silhouette blinds dealer provide a great combination of function and appearance to complement any décor. Whether you are looking to update your window or maintain privacy, or control light flow, silhouette blinds can be your ideal solution.

How to use the silhouette blinds?

Since the blinds come with a range of privacy or light control, the silhouette blinds can be your perfect combination of blinds and sheers. When you wish to control the light flow in your office or home, Silhouette Blinds allow you to cut the brightness to give your room a cozy and warm feeling. Likewise, the window blinds in your office or home will bring out the beauty of your windows to enhance the room lighting. To fulfil the rising demands of our clients, we manufacture and supply a broad range of the best quality blinds. These blinds are easy to use and simple to maintain.

What makes us a leading silhouette blind supplier in Mumbai?

As a leading silhouette blind manufacturer in Mumbai, we supply a gamut of high-quality Silhouette Shade Blinds. Explore the beautiful blinds that transform the natural light. It also provides a lovely ambience to define your mood. We use the best fabric and materials obtained from trustworthy vendors to upkeep the assurance of quality. The whole range of blinds from silhouette blind suppliers comes with outstanding quality. It also offers resistance against dust, and was moreover, the silhouette shades cost at Blinds India is reasonable.

Reasons to buy silhouette window blinds

Silhouette window blinds are becoming the most preferred blinds on the market due to their beneficial features.

1.Fabric Selection: The blinds from silhouette blinds dealer in Mumbai comes with attractive fabrics, including woven, and linen. Customers can select from hundreds of materials and colour combinations that fulfil the space’s need.

2.UV Protection: Silhouette blinds from Blinds India have built-in UV protection. It provides the advantages of blocking the harmful UV rays that fade furniture, floors, and artwork. The layers of sheer fabrics protect against direct sunlight. The blinds provide protection up to 88% when the vanes are open and over 99% with closed vanes.

3.Light Control: The layers of sheer fabrics cut the light and bring dark shadows. It also ensures the distribution of light across the room. Vanes come with the ability to provide desired light and maximise the daylighting.

4.Transformation: Sheer facings and fabric vanes transform sunlight into a warm and soft glowing. It does not have any tapes or cords to distract from the graceful appearance

Suitable For Office, Residence and Commercial space
Size Customised
Type Horizontal Blinds and Vertical
Available system Manual, Remote, Switch, Automation


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