Roller Blinds Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai

Roller blinds are flexible window treatments that offer privacy and control the outdoor light entering the room. These blinds are the best way to give an attractive look to your windows. It also comes with additional benefits like easy operability, automation, durability, and motorisation options.

Roller Blinds Manufacturers in Mumbai

Add style and elegance to your window by placing attractive blinds. We offer an exquisite range of Roller blinds to make a bold statement or make it harmonise with your home or workplace. You can choose your desired piece from a vast range of styles and colours.

Customised roller blinds can be an attractive decorating statement in your office or any room of your home. Complement your décor with our wide range of products. We supply any fabric roller shade of your choice.

Blinds India is your one-stop solution for all your blinds requirements. We have more than 30 years of experience in this industry and evolved as a top Roller Blinds Manufacturers & Supplier in Mumbai with our quality and expertise

We take pride in supplying a variety of roller blinds made using top-quality raw materials. Besides their purpose, they also create an impressive visual impact with vivid architectural forms. According to the client requirements, we customise blinds in a variety of designs and colours. We also supply Roller Blinds for Windows of both summer shade and winter shades.

Most trusted roller blinds distributors

When you plan to give a fresh look to your window, contact roller blinds dealers in Mumbai for a fantastic collection. We supply a wide array of roller blinds with various installation and style options for residential establishments and commercial places. With a rich experience in this field, we have been able to supply a perfect decor element for the interiors.

Designer Style Roller Blinds

A looking, affordable and practical roller blinds can perfectly complement any room or any window. Being a leading roller blinds dealers, we supply multiple roller blinds to suit your various needs and multiple room environments. Experience the sleek and attractive look of a roller blind.

These are some of our popular range of roller blinds in mumbai.

● Opaque
● Translucent
● Sunscreen
● Readymade prints
● Custom made children Designs
● Custom made prints

Room darkening blackout roller blind shades with Fabric and Vinyl base, standard light-filtering Translucent and Sun Screen shades can be your décor fantasy rolling. We are supplying motorised models roller blinds for improved efficiency and good performance of mobility.

Leading Roller Blinds Distributors in Mumbai

Binds India has been emerging as a pioneer in the arena of window blinds. Been in the industry since 1994, we provide high quality, innovative and custom-made blinds designed to augment space’s look.

We provide multiple roller blinds models for your every need. From adding it for decorative purposes to room darkening, we supply blinds for all purposes. Being a leading Roller blinds distributors in Mumbai, we supply a wide assortment of premium quality roller blinds for your every requirement and in all budgets.

Premium Roller Blinds in Mumbai with assurance of quality

Customers prefer our products for their superior finish, low maintenance, elegant looks, durability, and easy installation. Our products are manufactured through a rigorous process and undergo thorough supervision of expert roller blind suppliers in Mumbai, so our roller blinds guarantee utmost quality.

Suitable For Window, Balcony
Size Customised
Type Horizontal Blinds and Vertical
Material Polyester, Vinyl, Cotton, Glass fibre & Fire Retardant Material
Available system Manual, Remote, Switch, Automation


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