Everything you need to know about motorized curtain track

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We look for something comfortable motorized blinds manufacturers in Mumbai and elegant to provide excellent well-being in everyday life. In the same way, when we go for window treatments, there is a limitless choice from – curtains, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, drapers etc.,

Apart from the typical interior, try something contrasting. Then the electric curtain tracks will be the ideal one for you. It gives a modish look to your interior, and that will be the topic of the day when you have a guest over your place.

Overview - Motorized curtain tracks

Motorized curtain tracks are easier to install, and it is more authentic and unembellished to control. It safeguards the fabric from damage and provides a longer life for your curtains. The contemporary design of the tracks is suitable for any kind of interior.

The curtain track fixes at the top of the ceiling, creating an illusion of having a larger room. It also benefited the places with lower ceilings. If you feel tough to align the curtain, you can bend the tracks for a perfect outlook.

Motors designs get hidden behind the curtains. Consequently, it creates a contemporary and alluring look. Thus, have the benefit of a stylish and appropriate curtain system in your dream place with the topmost comfort.

How do they work

After installing the blinds, we can control the track using the options like remote, wireless or wired switch, mobile phone, internet and applications. Even weather sensors will utilize the curtains to ensure your comfort.

These curtain tracks are compatible with most of the curtains and offer different curtain positions. We can bend the curtain tracks up to 90 degrees to fit our windows perfectly.

Some brands don’t support heavy curtains; they are capable only of domestic curtains. So before buying the tracks, we must choose the right one based on our needs.

The Motors can be installed on the top or at the corners. And they run pleasantly without producing an irritating noise. In such a way, it works in 2 types, wired and wireless.

A wired system connects to the power source through wiring. Similarly, it operates through all kinds of control options.

In a wireless system, it comes with a lithium-ion battery. It gives an embellished look without wiring. If the battery is running out, the system will notify you. Once the battery drains off, you must operate it manually.

Also, it provides four kinds of operating speeds. There are Soft, start, stop, and slightly open options for our convenience. Sometimes, a gentle tug with your curtain will drive the motor to open or close accordingly.

Reasons why we need a motorized curtain track

● It gives a beautiful look with perfectly aligned curtains

● Easier installation

● Provides a tranquil environment by absolute silent mode of operation

● Make you feel like a dreamland with their astonishing look and comfort

● It’s a boon companion for an ill person with lesser mobility

Benefits of having at your space

● Time-saving - performs all kinds of activities with a single tap

● Safest - makes an illusion of people being at home. Thus, free from scaring of intruders

● Increase the durability of your curtains

● Even heavy curtains up to 60 kg can withstand with ease

● Also appropriate for rooms in a bigger size

● Placid environment – runs by extremely silent mode

● Lesser mobility – can control all activities from one place

● Well suitably designed to adopt your comfort space.

● It customizes as per our needs.

● Appropriate for commercial places too.